Thursday, January 01, 2009

Practice like the pros.

57 days left until spring... not counting today. And I shouldn't count my birthday next week, because that'll go by fast, and I shouldn't have to count Valentine's Day, 'cause, well, romance, so it's like 54 days until spring, which is hardly any time at all when you think about it, because I've got to use that time to get practicing on my golf, since this is the year I'm going to get really good at it.

I've got a plan and everything. The plan is this: Practice. And invest some time in it. So to that end, I've set aside time and cleaned up my clubs and then taken a tip from Middle's coach on her golf team, and gotten a radar gun from Radar Sports.

They have a radar gun there that's only $176.99 -- marked way down-- and with that, I can track my swing speed and make sure it's consistent. Consistency, I'm told, is not just the hobgoblin of little minds, but also something to be desired in sports. My brother, when he ran a marathon, tried to run a consistent pace, and golf pros have said that the swing needs to be consistent, including swing speed, to really have a good swing.

So with the radar gun from Radar Sports, I can track my swing and see that it's consistently hitting the speed I want, and also see if I'm improving my speed over time. That'll help all that practice pay off.

Plus, when I'm NOT practicing, I can use it to check which of the twins is faster in my long-planned Baby Races. But it's mostly for golf.

The pros use things like radar guns and all the other equipment at Radar Sports -- coaches and professionals probably shop there all the time. So I figure if I want to play like a pro, I've got to practice like a pro and use the same equipment as the pros.

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