Thursday, January 01, 2009

Call it "happycholistfulovingness.' 76 down, 9,279 to go.

This song is definitely in the running for the song that will be played over the opening credits of the movie about my life. Or over the closing credits. I haven't decided which, yet. But the opening credits and closing credits songs are important. They set the mood for the whole movie, and then set the mood that you carry with you when you walk out of the theater.

Which makes this a good opening or closing credit song. Probably closing credits. You'd watch the movie about my life and then walk out with this song playing, and so you'd leave the theater in a kind of happy, kind of wistful, kind of melancholy mood, thinking about the importance of love. Which is the feeling I'd like associated with my life: happy/wistful/melancholy/loving.

The song is "Kingdom Come" by Coldplay. And the guys aren't Coldplay -- they just made a fake music video starring themselves, which is GREAT, because a lot of times when I'm listening to music I'll imagine that what I'm doing is the music video for that song I'm listening to, but, then, who would want to see a music video that consists of me carrying 5 pizzas in one hand and holding a two-year-old's hand in the other while trying to walk across a slushy parking lot?

Me. I would. Provided that the song was a good one. Like "The Electric Version," by New Pornographers, which for the heck of it I'll make song 76, provided that as you listen to it you picture that pizza-and-slushes scene, which, [SPOILER ALERT!] I can tell you: I pulled off without a hitch.

Down.. to go: Everything I think, everything I listen to. Song 74 here.

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