Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'll reach for the stars. From my pillow.

You know what's cool? Touch screens on computers. Just wave a hand, point a finger, and get your computing done, without any of that typing or ... what's the verb for using a mouse? It's not "mousing," is it?

And now you don't have to get a superexpensive iPhone or specialized computer to get a touchscreen for your own computer, you can just order one right off the Internet. There's a website called "EnableMart" that sells touchscreens and a whole lot more, things that you can use to make sure that you or anyone can use a computer.

They've got not just touch screens, but computer trackballs, adjustable desks, ergonomic keyboards, even a "Kidtrac" trackball for kids to use as they begin learning how to work on a computer-- something they'll need to learn earlier and earlier, as computers become more and more prevalent.

Before I found their site, I never gave much thought at all to how to adapt a computer to varying needs -- like my own, with my hands getting stiff and crumbly as I get older and older, and my shoulders getting sore and my wrists getting crampy as I type. I thought there wasn't much to be done about that, but the keyboards and desks they offer mean that I can have a keyboard that makes it more comfortable to type, and a desk that can be raised up when I work at it and lowered when Sweetie does, so we can both be

They've got, too, a stand to use my computer while lying in bed, giving me yet another goal: that of reaching the day that I no longer need to get out of bed for anything!

Keep your dreams alive, I always say.

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