Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Improbable but awesome" would make a good autobiography title then, too.

I didn't achieve my resolution for 2008 -- so I've made the same one for 2009. My annual resolution is this: Get one of my books published, make millions of dollars, and move to Hawaii.

I had hoped to do that in 2008, for both the obvious reasons, and for the less obvious, which is that I wanted to get on with my next resolution, that being quarterback my team to a Superbowl victory. I'm running out of time on that latter one, but Hawaii comes first.

I may be able to achieve the 2009 resolution, though, even before I get published, because I stumbled across a new website this morning, one that helps find Honolulu Real Estate and helps not only find real estate all through Hawaii, but also has valuable articles that help assess whether a move to Hawaii is a good idea (how could it NOT be?) and how the Hawaiian economy is working...

... and most importantly, they've got a whole page of tips and links about how to ACTUALLY move to Hawaii -- shipping a car, getting a pet in, the local government, and an email address to get specific questions answered.

Which means that as soon as I get done reading all those tips, I could be ready to up and move to Hawaii, fulfilling half of my New Year's resolution for 2009-- and I'm sure that in Hawaii's beautiful climate, I'd be an even BETTER writer, so it wouldn't be long until I made millions and was published, which means that in 2010, you'll be seeing this headline:


All 'cause of that Honolulu Real Estate page. See the power it has? I've got to get cracking on this -- so I'll see you on the beaches. Or in the stands at the Superbowl.

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