Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Question of the Day: 27

Was I wrong?

This morning, for no apparent reason, the right lane on the road I take to work was closed for about 10 feet, making everyone (including me) in the right lane move into the left. When I got to my turn to move into the right lane, I started to edge in front of the car that was just behind me. She, then, started to edge forward to keep me from edging in. So I simply edged more and got in front of her by default, and forgot all about it.

But about two miles later, that woman, who had apparently been behind me the whole time even though the road opened up just after that, pulled along side me and waved her arms to get my attention and then gave me a mean look, shook her head, and then turned right.

And all I could think was man, you really carried that grudge a long time.

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