Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweetie will probably make me share.

Kids today have it supereasy. And supercool. Just look at the difference in their toys versus the toys I had.

When I was little, we had building toys like Tinkertoys and Lincoln logs. Tinkertoys were next to useless: those little round connectors would never hold the wooden rods, and what could you build? A Tyrannosaurus Rex looked just like a robot, and both of them looked sort of like an Edsel made out of toothpicks. Lincoln logs were worse: the only thing you could build with Lincoln logs were log cabins, and who wanted to build a log cabin? Especially when it was a log cabin with a toothpick Edsel/Tyrannosaurus Rex parked in the front yard.

But, now, the building toys can actually BUILD things. Like these toys from Mega: they're called "Magna-Bones," and they actually look like what they're supposed to look like, which is this:

Now, that's a dinosaur! Nothing Edsel-y about that. There's all kinds of other toys at the Mega site, too, like the Smart Builders toys: musical toys, toys that can drive, the whole works. I bet Mr F and Mr Bunches will love all of them... just as soon as I get done playing with them myself.

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