Sunday, January 04, 2009

Welcome another reader!

Contrary to what Sweetie says, I listen to and learn from my readers, like my newest reader, Marianne. Marianne writes on Marianne's Motifs, a blog about scrapbooking, loom knitting, Chrohn's Disease, and "anything else that crosses [her] mind," and Marianne was nice enough to recently (a) give me the etymology for "pumpernickel," (so now one of my questions has been answered) and (b) introduce the world to the word "Google-fu."

Marianne also has recently posted tips for getting people to eat leftovers. But she left out the most important one, which is this: make sure the leftovers are pizza. Trust me: it works every time.

More importantly -- although I'm not sure anything is more important than leftover pizza, Marianne also runs "Sci-Fi Jungle," where she reviews science fiction books. She's looking to publicize that blog more, so if you've got some sci-fi you need reviewed, get in touch with her.

Thanks for reading, Marianne! All the rest of you readers, go bookmark her blog.

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Marianne said...

Roy, you must be sure to say "You are not match for my Google-Fu" in a fake Hong Kong accent, as well.

Thanks for the mentions. It's nice to "meet" other bloggers and see what everyone is up to. Stay golden.