Friday, January 09, 2009

Question of the Day: 29

How essential is what you do?

Imagine that what you do for a living ceased to exist entirely, right this moment. Nobody anywhere in the entire world any longer does what you do for a living, right now. Would the world be different in any significant manner? Or would it look and act a lot like the world does now?

If my job -- lawyer-- stopped existing, I don't think the world would really be any different. Don't go spreading this around, but there's really not any need for people to help other people resolve their disputes. People will always have disputes, and will always need a way to resolve them. But they don't need, period, a whole class of people to take charge in resolving those disputes for them. Lawyers exist, I think, because laws exist, and the more complex the laws, the more people think that they need lawyers, to navigate the hearsays and inclusius unos and all that. But if lawyers didn't exist, maybe the laws would end up being simpler...

On the other hand, you know who's essential? Bakers.

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