Saturday, January 10, 2009

Question of the Day: 30

At what point is it reasonable to assume that traffic lane that had a problem is fixed up?

Wednesday morning, there was a momentary blip in the traffic route when something happened and ten feet of the right lane needed to be shut down... prompting the dumbest/longest held traffic grudge I've ever been the victim of.

On Thursday, remembering that, I got into the left lane when I turned onto that road, assuming that it hadn't been fixed, and it hadn't, so I was smart. But most of my fellow commuters, people I have to assume take that same road every day, just like I do, had arrogantly/dumbly gotten into the right lane and were tying up traffic again because they had to merge over.

Then, on Friday, I again got into the left lane... and again, traffic was tied up because most of the people were going into the right lane and had to merge over when they got to that spot.

So, now, when I go to work Monday, I'll assume that the right lane is closed down again and get into the left lane. Shouldn't everyone, though, until we all see it's been fixed?

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