Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Question of the Day: 44

Why are public restrooms not unisex?

Bathrooms in our house aren't unisex. But, people will say, in public, there are strangers around, requiring that we segregate the sexes into separate bathrooms.

If you think about that, though, it makes no sense: the other women in the restroom are still strangers, as are the other men in the men's room. So what you're saying, unisex bathroom supporters, is that it's perfectly acceptable to take care of natural functions in front of strangers if those strangers are the same sex as you.

But why is that? And why, in all the years we've had to hear complaints from people about how there are always lines at women's restrooms but never men's, has nobody ever said, simply, why are public restrooms not unisex?

See what I bring to the public debate? Me for President, 2012. Sorry, Mr. Obama. But unisex bathrooms is real change we can believe in.

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. (By the way: I did the experiment. It was less than overwhelming. But Sweetie still found it entertaining because she has exceedingly low expectations for our dates.)


lisapepin said...

In theory, you totally have a point here. But have you ever smelled a public men's room? Since you've probably never been in a public ladies' room, I'll tell you that there is a noticable absence of urine stench there. Why are bathrooms not unisex? We would rather stand in line forever than pee where men pee.

Briane P said...

I've never been CAUGHT in a public ladies' room.

I'm with you on the smell, though I'd rather not pee where men pee, either.