Thursday, February 12, 2009

Question of the Day, 45:

If I take two slices of pizza, and put them together so that the crust is on the outside and the toppings are on the inside, does that mean it's now a sandwich?

Because that's what I did for lunch, when I ate pizza for the third consecutive meal. We had takeaway pizza last night (that's right -- I've decided to commit to just calling it takeaway pizza because the Brits' word for it is better than "carryout") and then I managed to save some from The Boy's depredations and have it for both Pocket Breakfast and for lunch.

At lunch, I put the two slices together, so did I make a sandwich? Would the answer be different if I used two pieces of french bread pizza?

Truth be told, the question of what is or is not a sandwich has bothered me now for about 10 years, ever since Sweetie and I had lunch at a fancy, hip bar with a friend of mine, and the bar served only open faced sandwiches, which in my book is not a sandwich at all. Unless you were to take the "sandwich," pick it up by the bottom slice of bread, and then fold it over, after which I guess it would be a sandwich.

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