Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote of the Day, 12:

Love is when you want the other person to be the first to hear what you have to say.
-- Me.

Sweetie and I were talking about what love really is yesterday, because that's what we do. (And we're not even a couple on an Aaron Sorkin TV show!) And she asked what I thought true love really was, and I came up with that.

I then gave her an example, pointing out that I had shown how much I loved her by emailing her a comic strip that I found funny. See, I said. I wanted you to read it before I told anyone else about it. The comic strip dealt with a monster destroying the universe with the help of a little girl and a hammer.

But "Love is when you want your wife to laugh about how a little girl with a hammer helped a monster destroy the universe" didn't have the same ring.

Quote of the day 11 here.

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