Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr Bunches Was More Helpful Than Mr F, Who Tried To Pitch In By Spraying Me WIth The Hose. (3 Good Things From July 17, 2009)

It's not hard to find 3 Good Things about a Friday off from work... it's hard to limit it to just 3. Here's the ones I picked:

1. Sweetie's impromptu rendition of West Side Story's opening number after she put a hat on Mr F last night. We were taking turns putting her newsboy cap on Mr F and making up quotes like " 'ello, Guvnor!" and on Sweetie's turn, she did the snapping part of West Side Story. (I know, I know-- we really shouldn't party so hard on a Friday night. But we're animals.)

2. Sweetie part 2: I played for her the theme from Joanie Loves Chachi (sung by Scott Baio and Erin Moran!) and asked if she could name it. Within 10 seconds, she had. (I gave her a lying-on-my-side-on-the-couch ovation.)

3. Mr Bunches helping me move some plants in our yard -- as I continue building the Long-Awaited Perennial Garden Yard, I moved a couple of plants from the side of the house to the back, and Mr Bunches helped. As I'd dig up the plant on the side, he'd stand by me and look on. Then we'd carry it to the back yard, where I'd dig a hole and put it in, at which point Mr Bunches would pick up clumps of dirt and throw them in, too. (He later moved on to throwing clumps of dirt into a puddle nearby, which was less helpful but I'm sure the intent was there.)

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