Friday, July 17, 2009

The only thing I've been expanding is my pants' waistline. That doesn't cause a lot of stir on Wall Street.

This could probably be the next big thing in telecommunications, I'm guessing. I just got down reading a Golivemobile press release announcing that they're expanding into Asia, or, more specifically, expanding their operations in Asia.

Golivemobile has for a couple of years been operating in a limited capacity in Asia, but just recently fully committed to expanding there, building offices and setting up a core team of people in India and the Phillipines, people who left senior positions in Google and AOL and other top firms to join Golivemobile, poising that company for a serious amount of growth in an area of the world that hasn't been saturated yet.

The move makes GoliveMobile a global technology company and will help spur a lot of growth by that company, as the 30 employees in Manila and 50 in Bangalore aggressively recruit in those markets and build on the core team, taking what was a Denver company to the next level in providing mobile content, and operations of internet technology markets and continuing the phenomenal growth of this company.

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