Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweetie was well aware that they were celebrity fingers. (3 Good Things From July 11)

Saturdays are easy to get 3 Good Things from, but even so, yesterday was a great one.

1. Watching The Unborn with Sweetie last night, and having her grab my hand to cover her eyes during the scary parts. Sweetie loves horror movies -- she just hates the scary parts of them, and so she watches those through my fingers.

2. Learning about the painting One while we attended Madison's "Art Fair On The Square." "One" is a painting made of 1,000,000 tiny squares, which can be purchased separately by art lovers, who then help create the painting in a way, because the painting, which is one unified work, is spread around the world and interpreted by the viewers in their own way. I loved the idea; unfortunately, I didn't have $20 to buy a piece. But you can read more about it here.

3. This. I'm a star!

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