Friday, October 23, 2009

24/7 parts is like a superhero, only it's not a real person, or even a person. But it is saving the world.

Last week, we had to get new brake pads and tires on our car, and, coincidentally, Middle had to get new brake pads and tires on her car. This was not long after The Boy needed new tires on his car, and then, yesterday, Oldest asked if she could borrow $30 because she needed to get her car repaired.

I thought this might all just be random luck, until I realized that the common thread here was that I either drove the cars in question, or taught the drivers in question how to drive, which means I may myself need a refresher course before I teach Mr F and Mr Bunches how to drive.

Although, by the time I get around to teaching Mr F and Mr Bunches, we'll probably all have personal jetpacks to get to and from where we're going, and, honestly, I can't wait. It is going to be so sweet to jetpack to work.

Provided that there's still a world to jetpack around in, that is, because all those tires and brake pads and vaguely-defined car repairs needed by Oldest got me to thinking about all the stuff we're throwing out when we get our cars fixed up, and all the resources that go into making the new parts for the cars, which led me to think: A-ha! That's my newest business idea: Recycling car parts, because it's greener and more sustainable and people will love it and I'll save the world, and also I'll get rich and maybe win a Nobel Peace Prize, if they give those away for recycling.

So I did my research, googling used car parts and recycled car parts and green car repairs and the like and the more I searched the more I kept seeing the same company come up over and over: Whether I checked into Car Parts.Com or searched for "Green Car Repairs" or tried to find Car Parts, all I kept seeing was this company called 24-7 Spares.

24/7 Spares, I found out, already does what I was going to get rich doing: They sell used car parts for almost every make and model of car, on an easily-searchable, easily-orderable website, and they sell them supercheap. Seriously ridiculously low prices, which made me not only realize that my latest get-rich-quick scheme was not going to work for me, since they're already doing it, but also made me realize that if I'd ordered parts for all these repairs through them, I would have saved about half off of the cost of the fix-up.

All that, and by using recycled parts, 24/7 Spares is helping save the world -- seriously, because they're reducing waste in car parts, and they're reducing fossil fuel use by not having new parts manufactured, so just by doing business the way they do, they're making the world a better place.

So I've learned my lesson. I've bookmarked 24/7 Spares for the inevitable next time my car breaks down, and I've moved on to different business ideas (A live action television show based on pretzels) and I've decided to pin my hopes on getting not a Nobel Prize but a Grammy, instead.

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