Sunday, October 18, 2009

A chicken named Batman.

Here's the question I'm pondering right now: I wonder what Sweetie would do if I just took the boys this afternoon and adopted a couple of chickens?

I'm guessing she'd be okay with it. I mean, I haven't ever run the question by her, but I don't need to check on her for everything, do I? I have to have a little freedom to run my life the way I want to, and if adopting a chicken out of the blue is what I want to do, then I should be allowed to do it.

That question arose because I discovered "," a pet adoption site. Anyone looking to adopt a pet needs to check out I went on there and was just looking around at the pets and came across the aforementioned chicken, which goes, cool-ly enough, by the name "Batman."

Petango provides you with a searchable database of homeless pets across America, linking animal welfare organizations together to put pets in touch with the people who love them and want them. The goal of the website is to help those organizations match up pets and prospective owners, easing the burden on shelters and providing a loving home for cats and dogs and other shelter animals.

It's easy to use. Say you want to adopt a cat. Simply go to, click on the "Cats" link, type in your zip code and how far you're willing to travel, and you'll get a listing of adoptable pets in your area. I just did that, and found "Goblin," a cat in Dubuque who needs a good home and who might not have as good a chance of finding one without Petango.

What's even neater than the cats and dogs is the "Other Pets" tab. That's where I found that chicken to adopt, alongside over 1,344 different "Other pets" waiting to be adopted, from ferrets to rabbits, to more, all photogenic and demanding that I hop in the car, right this minute, and go pick them up and bring them home.

Which I'd do, except I'm really just after that chicken.

So if you're looking for a chicken, ferret, dog, cat, parakeet, cockatiel, mouse, gerbiel, or other pet, go to - Adopt a cat! today. It's a great idea to help out some great organizations and get some great pets.


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