Thursday, October 22, 2009

Half evil, half genius... that's the secret recipe for success. Also: add a pinch of oregano for luck. (3 Good Things From 10/21/09)

1. The Boy took really good care of the Babies!, and then even voluntarily went to school. I was supposed to be spending the day at home with the Babies!, but had to take care of a court hearing that took nearly a half-day, leaving The Boy out of school and in charge of Mr F and Mr Bunches for that time. When I got home, at 1, he had the house clean, the Babies! in bed and sleeping, and everything more or less in order (except for the new, extra blue marker on the Babies!' wall). Then, even though I'd have let him stay home, he voluntarily went to school for the remainder of the day.


2. I won the court hearing and not just won but really won. The issues are complicated, and it was a long hearing, and it's probably only interesting to me and the people whose house is safe for a little while longer. But what you need to know is: I won.

3. There was a new Web Soup on the DVR, one I got to watch uninterrupted after the Babies! went to bed and Sweetie went to work out, although I'm not sure, after all, that it was totally new. Sometimes I watch them and think I' ve seen this one before, but then I'm not sure if I have seen it before, and then I think What if they're mixing in old clips with new clips to create a half-new show, something I suspect "Robot Chicken" does, too, which on the one hand is genius, and on the other hand is really, really evil because it makes me think that I'm losing my mind, and that's not a nice thing to do, Chris Hardwick and Seth Green, even if it does make you more money by re-using old clips. You don't see me re-using old blog posts and calling them new ones, do you?

Except for this, I mean. But that's different, because I tell you upfront.

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