Wednesday, October 21, 2009

His ostrich goes something like "Wroolooloo!" (3 Good Things From 10/20/09)

An entire day with the Babies!, and almost nothing to do. I don't know where to begin with my 3 Good Things:

1. Reading the book Hop on Pop to Mr F during "learning time," that 15 minutes each night that we set aside to try to teach the Babies!. Mr F actually likes being read to, and he kept giggling and smiling at the various word combinations.

2. Mr Bunches' Ostrich impersonation. The Babies! like an online "Alphabet game" where they can press keys and get the computer to say a letter, an animal that begins with that letter, and the sound the animal makes . I'm skeptical of some of the animals and animals sounds, but the Babies! like them, and we all like to hear Mr Bunches imitate the Ostrich.

3. The Chicken Caesar Salad I made for dinner, which I kind of got from Rachael Ray, only I didn't make my own dressing like she instructs people to do: that's what prepackaged salad dressings are for, I reasoned. But I did, from scratch, make the Chicken-cooked in- Olive Oil, handmade bagel-piece toasted croutons, chopped lettuce and tomatoes and peppers, and, to top it all off, orange-strawberry smoothies.

Then I had to clean up the mess from all that. But I was on a chicken-and-smoothie high, so it didn't matter too much.

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