Friday, October 23, 2009

Extra Good Things [Meaning "More Good Things," Not "The Same Number of Better Things."] (3 Good Things From 10/22/09, and also from this morning)

Since I usually don't post my good things from Friday until Monday, I'm going to lump in some good things from today before I forget about them.

So, from yesterday, there were good things like:

1. The helpful guy at the store
, who got me right to the part I needed to fix the downstairs toilet, so that I didn't waste time wandering around Home Depot looking for the part, and so I didn't get distracted and meander into the part of the store where they sell outdoor Christmas decorations and end up buying a bunch of inflatable yard decorations and forget what I came in there for in the first place.

2. The fact that I fixed the toilet so quickly. It wasn't very complicated, although I didn't know that when I started. I just needed to replace the part that gets the water from the main water line in the house into the toilet tank; only, I didn't know that the part I was replacing did that, so I began to unscrew it only to get sprayed by a blast of water, which led me to also turn off the water very quickly, too, and

3. A non-toilet related one, Watching Sweetie and Mr F play his new game, which is kind of like Solitaire with DVDs: Mr F takes the DVD folder, opens it up, points to DVDs and has Sweetie remove the DVDs he points to. He then takes them and puts them back into the folder in new locations, and then continues. I assume he'd continue forever; we made him quit at 8:30. (He won't let me play at all. I guess I don't do it right.)

And 2 extras from today:

1. Mr Bunches sharing my Froot Loops. While I was eating this morning and reading the paper, Mr Bunches climbed on my lap and took a Froot Loop out of my bowl and ate it. When I took a couple and put them on the side for him, he wouldn't eat those: he only wanted the ones right out of my bowl.

2. The wild game of Superbabies! versus Daddy we had, in which I'd chase Mr F and Mr Bunches around, and, if I caught them, would spin them around before tossing them onto the couch. That lasted forty minutes or so, before devolving into a game of Make Mr F eat his own toes while tickling Mr Bunches.

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