Monday, October 19, 2009

Violins haven't been this cool since that Revenge of the Nerds skit. Remember that song? It was pretty great.

I run the very risk that you will think I'm way too cool for revealing this, but I'm thinking about getting violin instructions and learning to play the violin.

Whooosh! That sound you heard was James Dean getting pushed off the Pedestal Of Cool he's (inexplicably) occupied for decades, and Ermf! Ugh! Geez, how much do you weigh! Eph! That's the sound of me being put on the pedestal.

I know, I know, it seems unfair that I should get to be so awesome; I mean, I can already play piano, and juggle two objects, I'm recognized as probably the best Herman's Head fanfiction writer in the Midwest, but I can't resist the siren song of the violin.

In all seriousness, I've always wanted to play the violin, and what held me back was (a) my almost criminally-short attention span, and (b) I didn't know where to take violin lessons. But now I can remedy that second part, at least, through the video lessons offered by They've got DVDs of violin lessons, including a one-disk DVD for basic techniques, an then a set of beginning-to-intermediate disks that'll help improve on those basic skills and teach various violin techniques. They even have a holiday series, so I could learn to play some Christmas carols and impress the family this year.

And it WILL impress the family, way more than the time I took that home hair-cutting course and made myself the first subject. (I was going for mullet, but ended up with "accident victim," which I attribute to faulty scissors and the fact that in mirrors, everything's backwards. Stupid mirror world.)

The DVDs come from The Academy of Music Performance, a studio that gives private lessons combined with a school that specializes in Violin and Viola. The Academy has been around since 2000 and teaches up to 50 kids a year; with their DVDs, they'll expand that reach.

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