Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille! (3 Good Things From This Past Weekend)

1. I totally fixed our kitchen sink, and I did it under the most impressive circumstances you can imagine: listening to The Decemberists' new album with my head jammed awkwardly under the counter, and periodically having Mr Bunches walk over and jump on my stomach. If you're going to fix something, do it the manly way. That's what I always say.

2. I got BBQ Fritos. We took a road trip to visit Mom on Saturday, and on the way home had to stop and get gas, which meant two things: First, stock up on lottery tickets ('cause I'm gonna win it, this time) and second, BBQ Frito Twist chips, the snack I only get when I'm driving to or from someplace. I don't know why I only get them on road trips. I just realized, one day, that the only time I bought BBQ Frito Twists was when I was on a road trip, so I decided to make that my thing. I make a lot of things "my thing," like the time I read how people who had signatures that had a lot of flourishes in them were more optimistic and outgoing, so I taught myself how to sign with a lot of flourishes. Or the time I heard that fidgeting burns a lot of calories, so I decided to become a fidgeter. Or the time I took back the ice cream maker I'd given my brother for his wedding, and began trying to invent new ice creams.

3. I'm going to be on TV. Friday, it was confirmed that I'm going to be on TV soon. pecifically, The Dan Potacke Show, which will be filmed live before a studio audience (just like Herman's Head!) on Monday, October 26, at the Frequency in Madison. I'll be getting interviewed about what it's like to be so awesome, and also about my book, Eclipse!

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