Friday, November 20, 2009

Better late than never, unless "late" makes her flunk out of college and move back home. (3 Good Things from 11/19/09)

Another Friday, another day home early from the office. If you're going to go home early, I recommend you do it on a Friday. That way, you don't even need 3 Good Things from the day before to keep your spirits up. But you'll still have them...

1. This comic, from Buttersafe. Rather than try to reproduce it, it's better if you click that link go read it, then come back. So do that.


See what I mean? I loved it.

(Sweetie did not.)

2. Mr Bunches finished the day in the Shorts'n'PJs outfit. Mr F, the night before (Wednesday), wanted to wear shorts for his pajamas, but with the new big boy beds we didn't want to risk an accident if he got his diaper off, so I put him in a sleeper, and then opted to put the shorts on over the sleeper. When I got home from work Thursday, I saw that Mr Bunches had opted for that exact outfit for his nap. So I started a trend!

3. I finally ordered Middle's printer ink. I promised back in September that I'd order Middle some printer ink for her computer, a task I hate because it requires me to go to the Dell site and log in, and I can never remember the email or password I used, so I have to go through the whole "security question" and log-in and clicking over to my emails and all that rigamarole, but Middle really needed the ink (apparently, she was reduced to printing her papers in mauve or something) so I soldiered on (bravely) and got it ordered.

Today's Featured Item from Elizabeth's Etsy Store
, pictured, is "Santa and Christmas Trees Russian Doll, a unique and fun Christmas necklace that'd be perfect to give someone you love, or to buy and wear to your office Christmas party. Why let the guys have all the fun with their Christmas tie?

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ReadDanceBliss said...

First, I also didn't love that bank comic, but I kept back-arrowing until I got to one I did love, and that was this one: ha!

Second, I HATE BUYING PRINTER INK. I just read that it's more expensive than champagne, ounce for ounce. ARrrgh!!

Third, why do I start lists with zero on my pages but one on yours? I don't know.

Fourth, fifth.

Briane P said...

RDB: So, I don't know why you said you didn't come up with good comments, since your comment here put the post to shame.

Also, I like the zero-list-start. I'd steal it, but that seems too blatant.

I can't think of a single Buttersafe comic I haven't liked -- but the one you found was great.