Thursday, November 19, 2009

Read. Dance. Bliss.: I wasn't pointing my essay at you. So thanks for reading. (3 Good Things from 11/18/09)

Today's Featured Jewelry from Elizabeth's Etsy Store, pictured in this post, is just in time for Thanksgiving: The "Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Veggies Necklace," available for just $19 at her Etsy store. After your third slice of pecan pie next week, your pants won't fit, but the necklace still will, so visit her store and style-up your holiday.

Now here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday...

1. I'm smarter than Jeopardy!
I skipped my planned workout last night, and instead of jogging, opted to help Sweetie grocery shop. I then did 20 minutes on the exercise trampoline we have, the one that mostly gets used by Mr F. Since he has incredibly strong legs and great abs (I'm not kidding), I figured I'd get a Mr F Workout, which I did while watching Jeopardy! (FYI: Jumping on a trampoline while answering questions should be the new format of Jeopardy!) While I did that, I got all the questions in one category right while all the Jeopardy! people missed most of them. And it was a hard category, for anyone but me: "The Grand Final "E," with all answers ending in E. You'd figure I'd be good at that, and I was, knowing the word brogue and incarnate.

2. Sweetie got the miniature frozen pizzas that I like, while grocery shopping, so I have that to look forward to now.

3. The Buffalo Bills named Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback. It's been a week of news for the beloved Buffalo Bills, which is good for me because I was complaining recently that not only are they bad (which I can live with) but they were boring, and since sports are all about entertainment, boring is terrible. But now they've fixed that by getting the "double bird" from an 86-year-old man, firing their coach (sorry, Dick Jauron -- I liked you, but time to take your millions and move on), hiring an interim coach, and then naming Ryan Fitzpatrick their starter.

Naming Fitzpatrick as their starter is good for one reason and one reason only: I get to call him "Fitzy." As in: "Come on, Fitzy, throw it to Terrell Owens!" All quarterbacks need a good nickname like that. Just ask Peyton "Peytie" Manning.

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ReadDanceBliss said...

Hey that's me!! Thanks!!

I've thought about this same idea a lot. When my friend has a show, I want her to give me the comp ticket, but I pay for tickets to see strangers. What the hell?? It's a weird, weird phenomenomenomenom and thanks for helping us be conscious of it so we can do better.