Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't think of a clever title to put here... (3 Good Things From 11/16/09)

Better late than never, right -- these are being put up at 6:35 p.m. Here's the 3 Good Things from yesterday that kept me going today:

1. The Babies! got their big-boy beds.
The cribs are gone, victims of incessant jumping and climbing. Yesterday, I brought home two box springs and two mattresses and we've set up their room as a big boy room -- with the Babies! immediately beginning to jump these beds into submission.

2. The mortgage company extended my deadline for paying... which shouldn't have been necessary, but it was. Two weeks ago, Sweetie gave me the payment to mail, and I tucked it into my briefcase. Last week Thursday, I found it, still tucked into my briefcase, behind Corelli's Mandolin. (Good book!) So I sent it in, but wasn't sure it'd get there by yesterday, the deadline for paying (and I've never paid late.) When I called to see if they'd gotten it, and they hadn't, I offered to cancel the check and make a payment online, but the lady said they'd just extend my grace period.

It was very nice of her. It makes me sad that I'm suing that same company in three different cases.

3. I got out of work an hour early, the result of an out-of-town hearing in the mid-afternoon which took up just enough time that I didn't have to go back to the office -- but not so much time that I couldn't get home early anyway.


Hewl said...

"The Babies! got their big-boy beds"
And now they're free...
It's like when the velociraptors escaped from the cage in Jurassic Park. You're flirting with disaster.

I've been reading your blog for some time, and I think is great. Sorry for not comment til now, but my english kinda sucks and i have a hard time writing in it.

stanleygoodspeed said...

The trick with the velociraptors was to not let them surround you, so I'd apply the same logic to children. As long as you can see them at the same time, you'll be fine. Good luck, comrade.