Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Monday. 'Nuff said. (3 Good Things From The Weekend, 11/13-11/15).

I'm a little grumpy today (as you might be able to tell) and so my 3 Good Things are especially necessary...

1. The movie Up, which Sweetie and I and Middle watched Friday night for the first time. I was surprised at how sad it was -- bittersweetly sad,but sad nonetheless -- but not surprised at how good it was, and not surprised at how it kept confounding my expectations at each turn.

2. The Sonic burger I got when we ate out by eating in Saturday night. Although our efforts to civilize the Babies! are coming along, they're coming along slowly, so we're not quite to the point where we can inflict the Babies! on others in a restaurant. Saturday night, I decided we'd eat out by ordering in. Sweetie, Middle and The Boy got Chili's take-out; I opted for a Sonic burger because Sonic is awesome. So awesome that I forgot until a couple hours later that I'd sworn off bread for the month of November; so officially, this month I'm giving up all bread except the bread Sonic burgers come on.

3. Sweetie. Sweetie is always a Good Thing in my life. It'd get boring if I just listed her here every day for all three things, but I could do that. I could list 300 Good Things from her, if I had the time to type them all up. Sweetie's a fast typist -- one of those 300 things would be the time she helped me quickly type up all my short stories so I could send them to a publisher... so would it be out of line to ask her to type up all the good things?


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