Wednesday, November 18, 2009

People have really been doing a good job of commenting & stuff (3 Good Things From 11/17/09)

Yesterday, when I left work, I thought to myself: Only three more days before Friday... That's right. I thought it was only Monday. At first, I was disheartened, but then I realized that if you've got to be wrong about a day, it's better to be wrong that it's Monday than wrong that it's not Monday.

Did that make any sense at all? Never mind. Here's 3 Good Things From Not-Monday.

1. Two new commenters compared the Babies! to velociraptors. Not many people would take that as a Good Thing, but I do, because it means that I have accurately portrayed Mr F and Mr Bunches and my message is getting across. I told Sweetie over a year-and-a-half ago that the Babies! had won, and I was giving in to them. Now, Hewl (whose blog I can't read but I tried) and Stanley Goodspeed (whose blog brought tears of laughter to my eyes with his November 16 entry) have hit on what I didn't know I was thinking until they wrote it: The Babies! are exactly like velociraptors.

With one key exception: Velociraptors, as we all know, never existed, whereas I'm pretty sure the Babies! do exist.

(read the original post, and Stanley & Hewl's comments, here)

2. I sold a copy of Eclipse in Scotland, making me now an internationally renowned writer. Jim -- James Taylor, but probably not that James Taylor (or maybe he is, I don't know) -- bought a copy from his home in Scotland, which is located somewhere in England, I think. As a thank-you, I'll not only link to Jim's Facebook page (where you can learn that he likes the San Francisco 49ers -- Jim, this week, you and I will both be rooting for them to beat up on Green Bay) but I'll also link to his wife Elizabeth's blog, where you can see all the great jewelry she makes, including the piece pictured with this post.

In fact, I'll provide that link each day for the rest of November, and feature one of Elizabeth's pieces on each 3 Good Things for the rest of November. So if you like great handmade jewelry, Go Visit Elizabeth's Etsy Store.

3. Sweetie loved her latest Tuesday present. As you know, every Tuesday I bring Sweetie a present. So far, that list is:

-- Flowers, of some sort (I just liked the way they looked)
-- An Edward t-shirt for her to wear to the showing of New Moon she's attending this weekend. (Sans me.)

And now, the latest:
-- An Apple Pie from Whole Foods, picked up by me on the way home from work yesterday and delivered to her by hand -- later to be served, heated up, with ice cream.

She said this one was her favorite so far. So, men, skip the vampire t-shirts & flowers: The key to a woman's heart is organic pie.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow, thanks! :)

Apple pie sounds delish...I dearly miss the health food store in Wauwatosa (the name of which has just escaped me, but will no doubt reappear in my brain as soon as I post...). I think there is a Whole Foods in London but none up here...