Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Aristotle's Cookies. (3 Good Things From 12/7/09)

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It's late in the day to post this, but here are the 3 Good Things that have helped me not totally lose it when it turns out that yet again, people who have lived in Wisconsin all their lives turn out to have forgotten how to drive on snow, so that I'm snarled up in traffic even though we've gotten only about 1/2" of snow and it's really nothing to worry about... now I'm getting mad again.
Deep breath!

1. I made it to my seminar in time to grab extra cookies yesterday. I had an afternoon seminar -- a comedy seminar about legal ethics that was short on comedy (and short on legal ethics) but long on cookies when I got there. I grabbed three and brought home one for Sweetie and one for The Boy.

And, yes, I have considered the juxtaposition of my grabbing extra cookies while attending a seminar on ethics, but I took ethics in law school and college, too, so I'm pretty familiar with the rules of ethics, and I can say with confidence that Aristotle would have done exactly the same thing.

2. I got low-fived by my nephew. While visiting my mom last night, I ran into my 3-year-old nephew. I got him to give me five, then on the side, then way up high. I then held out my hand and said Down low, but he pulled his hand away and said Too slow! I thought I had until kids were four to be outsmarted.

3. Mr Bunches and Mr F team-hugged me. When I finally got home, around 10 p.m., the Babies! were still awake (of course), and I went in to sit with them. Mr Bunches jumped up onto my lap and hugged me, and Mr F then came up behind me and hugged me from behind. There's no better way to end your day than wrapped in 3-year-olds.


Petri Dish said...

Wasn't it the same 'Totle who said
evil brings men together with ooey gooey cookies?
Im not sure. What kind of cookies were they?

stanleygoodspeed said...

Three year olds low-fiving? What next - toddlers bumping fists at playgroup? Nothing's sacred anymore ;)

Good work on the cookies by the way.

Briane P said...


I believe Aristotle was pro-evil, anti-cookie, but I'm not sure. They were chocolate chip cookies.

Stanley: I've been trying to teach Mr F and Mr Bunches a terrorist fist-bump.