Friday, December 11, 2009

The modern-day Muppets focus a lot on this "Shrimp" character who I do not like. (3 Good Things From 12/10/09)

After spending 2 hours driving in to work, it's hard to think of 3 Good Things about anything...but that's the point of this. One of the points of this, anyway.

1. This song, which came on a CD I got and which I'd never heard before but is my favorite song this week: "The Cello Song" by The Books:

2. I was smart enough to leave work early and return phone calls on the way home. Fool me once, shame on you. Make me sit in traffic for 90% of my day because everyone around me is an idiot twice, and I'll go nuts. Ordinarily I return phone calls for the last hour or so of the day; yesterday, having been tricked into thinking people could handle driving in snow once, I resolved to do better. So I left work at 4 p.m. and took my list of phone calls with me and returned all my phone calls on the way home. Don't worry: I was rarely moving and so was free to dial. My office was more mobile than my car on the way home.

3. I watched Prep & Landing with Mr F and Mr Bunches last night. I always resolve to watch more Christmas specials on TV, but never get around to it. This year, I'm doing well, having watched the not-too-bad Prep & Landing (which was enjoyable enough but displayed the shortened storyline and development characteristic of today's information-addled media) but also A Charlie Brown Christmas, Bad Santa, and 2/3 of that Muppet special.

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