Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My input into household finances: "There's always room in the budget for potato chips."

What's your budgeting system for your money? Mine is to give it all to Sweetie and then tell her when I'm running out of gas or need to download some songs, and hope she gives me some money back.

That may not work for everybody, so if you're someone who has a more complicated life than mine, or if you can't get Sweetie to handle your money for you (she'd probably be willing to do so), you might want to look into the envelope budgeting software provided by NeoBudget.

NeoBudget will help you, the ordinary Joe or Joe-ette, budget your money without all the complex shenaniganry of those other programs out there. You want a simple budget, and NeoBudget will do that for you, helping you manage your money and get the most out of your paycheck. Their program will not only show you how you're spending now, but will help you plan for the future and adjust spending and saving accordingly -- and it's available for a free trial right now. So click on over there and give it a shot, because I'm pretty sure Sweetie is busy today and can't take your call.

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