Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You'll have to read all the way to the end to see if you won the contest... no fair skipping ahead! (3 Good Things From 12/8/09)

Did you make it in to work today? I did, and I'm the only one here, so far. Which makes me Boss for the day. I declare raises and pizzas for everyone that's here!

If you
didn't make it in to work because of snow, and because you decided to follow the warnings to stay home if your job is "nonessential", ask yourself this: Do you really want to (a) use up a perfectly good day off being snowed in, and (b) declare that the job you do is nonessential?

Now you know why I'm here. Plus, that picture to the right is a picture from my actual drive in this morning. 12 inches of snow, no plows around, and 30 mile per hour winds... and it was the best drive in I've had in all of 2009.

Now, on to the real news: the 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. I did a bang-up job at my seminar presentation, if I say so myself. And I do say so myself, but also a couple of people came up afterwards and said they really enjoyed it, which is really saying something, considering that my presentation was on the topics of "hidden assets and foreclosures in divorce proceedings."

2. Two of the Christmas presents I ordered for Sweetie were delivered. For security reasons, I can't discuss too many details of the presents I've tried and tried to order for her for Christmas. But for now, I can say that I first ordered them, then was told I couldn't get them. Then I ordered them again, and was told that again, and I've finally ordered them and two of the three came. Which is good, because I don't want to go out Christmas shopping again. I want my sole Christmas duties from here on out to be "dreading putting up the tree," "putting up the tree," "complaining about taking down the tree," and "eating fruitcake."

3. The contest winners have been picked! All you commenters got an entry in the Magic USPS Coffee Mug (Which I Don't Know How I Got, And Which Sits On My Desk Unused So Don't Worry, Your Entries Weren't Coffee-Tainted) (that's the mug's official name:)

And then I drew out the two winners:

Winner of the subscription to one of the three magazines: is "Petri Dish" reformed LLC Cool J fan and author of Love Fears A Lover, one of the great blogs around. Petri, you get your choice of a subscription to Conceit, The Bracelet Charm, or Amulet. Email me at "thetroublewithroy[at]" and let me know which one you want and the address to send it to.

Winner of a copy of my book, Eclipse: Stanley Goodspeed, whose post about the clipboard man still makes me laugh every single time I think of it. Stanley writes The Buffoon Blog and it's awesome, too. Stanley, email me at that address and let me know where to send your copy of Eclipse.

If you didn't win, don't despair -- look to your left and see what you can do for the next time.

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