Monday, February 01, 2010

It's true. You won't ever use it. (3 Good Things From Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

First off, happy belated birthday to Petri Dish, and, Stanley Goodspeed, your copy of Eclipse is on its way even as we speak. (Want to win your own copy? Leave a comment on one of my blogs.)

Second off, here's 3 Good Things from the last couple of days to help me keep a cheerful outlook as I face the world on a Monday when I have scratches on my nose from Mr F, and potentially a 7-hour round-trip drive.

1. The movie
Edge of Darkness was pretty good. Sweetie and I went to see her choice of a movie this weekend, Edge of Darkness, or what I kept calling "Taken 2: Taking Boogaloo." I went wearing a Coat of Skepticism, and while there bought a Large Popcorn of Doubt. And a Diet Pepsi. But the movie turned out to be pretty good, and Sweetie was even able to explain [THIS ISN'T A SPOILER!] why the bad guys took a helicopter to nowhere to meet.

2. I learned that Mr F and Mr Bunches are afraid of heights, which isn't a good thing for them, but it is cute. I had to run to my office on Saturday, and took them with me. To get to my office, you have to go up a flight of stairs ending on a ledge with a railing along it. Mr F would only walk up the stairs on the wall side, holding my hand. Mr Bunches insisted on going it alone, but halfway up, switched to crawling and kept at that until we were inside.

3. I set a new World's Record for "farthest distance run in 2010 by me." I increased my running distance again, upping it to 4 1/2 miles on Saturday night, a route I completed in only 43 minutes -- and I did that without my iPod for the last mile and a half, running sans music because the battery wore down.

(Which just goes to show you that this should also be true for iPods, and why isn't it? I'd much rather have an iPod that never wears down than a tablet computer nobody is ever going to use.)

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