Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In non-Sweetie related news, I did, in fact, by ranch flavored corn nuts. (3 Good Things From 2/1/10)

Yesterday was a long day -- a 320 mile drive round trip for work, all in one day -- but a good one. In the multitude of good things that happened to me, though, I picked out 3 that were the best, and, as it happens, all three were Sweetie-related...

1. As I pulled into the driveway at 7 at night, Sweetie began heating up the leftover spaghetti for me so that it was warm by the time I got in the house. That is the definition of true love that I like most: True love is spaghetti warmed up at just the right time.

2. Sweetie didn't get mad that I inadvertently allowed Mr F and Mr Bunches to spill out her expensive shampoo while I ate that spaghetti. While Sweetie did get a little upset that I accused her of not-quite-closing the bathroom door, which I then said let Mr F and Mr Bunches get into the upstairs bathroom and play their new game (Splash each other from the toilet), she accepted my apology when, later, I learned that it wasn't her fault -- Mr F has learned how to get the door open despite child-proofing. Then, she didn't get upset when I ignored the boys' game while finishing dinner, only to go upstairs to clean up and realize that Mr Bunches had poured out about 2/3 of the shampoo onto the bathroom rug. Probably as a defense to Mr F's splashes. I don't know. I've given up trying to figure them out.

3. Sweetie didn't scare me when she asked me to scratch her back. Ordinarily, when Sweetie gets an itch, it's a terrifying experience: She asks you to scratch her back, but her directions are worse than unhelpful; they're mystifying. ("Over! No! Right! Around! Inside!") Then, as I try to follow those directions ("Yellow! 3.14!") she gets upset because I'm not doing it right, which scares me and makes it even harder to scratch correctly. But last night, Sweetie not only gave me good directions, she didn't make me nervous while doing it -- so we had the first successful back-scratch of our lives together.

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