Friday, February 05, 2010

Also, I taught Mr F to say "Dirt" if he wants to play in the dirt. (3 Good Things From 2/4/10)

Last night, I spent a lot of time with Mr F, as Mr Bunches hadn't napped and so he spent the first part of the night sleeping instead of playing, and the second part of the night wanting to be left alone. But Mr F and I had some fun, like:

1. Accidentally playing catch. I was trying to teach Mr F how to play catch with a football. He had the right idea -- get the football and throw it-- but his aim was way off. Or was it? I couldn't tell if it was actually off and he was missing me by a mile, or if he just thought it was funny to send me running around the family room after the ball. He was able to throw it to me often enough that I suspect the latter -- but maybe those throws were the accidents?

2. Watching videos. We played on the 'puter for a while, including relaxing by watching some of Mr F's favorite videos. Then, when those got old, I tried to get him into some new ones. Of the ones I tried out, he liked best:

The Dinosaurs Song:

And, for some reason, he liked this re-enactment of the Star Wars Storybook using vintage action figures.

I liked it, too, except that I got distracted by the terrible error they made when they said that Luke didn't want to leave his uncle's farm. Everyone knows that Luke wanted to go to the academy but Uncle Owen wouldn't let him because he needed him here on the farm! Get it together, George Lucas!

But it wasn't all Mr F and footballs; I did other stuff, too, like eating dinner, which brings up Good Thing number three:

3. At least the vegetables weren't all disgusting. Sweetie, and The Boy, are still on their health kick, which meant that the hot dogs and noodles last night were joined by vegetables: green beans, and corn. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it; if I have to eat "healthy," at least I can have corn, instead of green beans, which are gross.

I then tried to get Mr F to eat a piece of corn, but he pulled it back out of his mouth and tried to wipe it off his hand, only to get it stuck on his face, where it stayed almost all the way through playtime. I just left it there; let kids be kids, I say, especially if the alternative is Taking that kid against his will to the kitchen to wipe the corn off his face, after which he'll get in a bad mood and throw a ball at you, like Mr Bunches did yesterday morning when I wouldn't put a new movie in for him because I was busy helping Mr F get his pants on.

Oh, and the picture today? That's the American Sign Language symbol for some kind of vegetable. Note the expression on her face. Even signing vegetables disgusts right-thinking people.

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