Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Harold had his purple crayon, Mr Bunches has his red one. (3 Good Things From 2/2/10)

Don't you hate when you finally get up and come downstairs and finish feeding the cats and only then realize that you didn't set your coffee maker up the night before and so you have no coffee? But don't you love, then, when you realize that The Boy is up and you can make him go get the paper? It's the yin-yang of life that gives it its spice, and the 3 Good Things from each day that keep me going despite all the yang.

1. I got through ALL of my work emails yesterday. I try everyday to get through all my emails and reply to them, but I get about 40 a day and have been so busy lately that they were backing up. So yesterday afternoon for two solid hours... okay, two hours that weren't quite solid because I periodically took small breaks to check out celebrity gossip and read comics online... but for two very-nearly-solid hours I read and replied to emails, knocking out 120 of them.

Now, today, I start on my personal emails... and I've still got the laptop to set up... sigh.

2. One of the comics I came across while almost totally focusing on emails was this:

Courtesy of Wondermark. That punchline kills. (Pun intended.)(Always intend the pun. Always.)

3. Mr Bunches got grounded off his crayons. I took Mr F and Mr Bunches grocery shopping last night as a break for Sweetie, and for the most part they behaved pretty well -- Mr F only tried to run off once, and he didn't go far, running only twenty feet back to stand in front of the hot dogs and laugh. Mr Bunches, though, got a little feisty towards the end, refusing to cooperate and keep up in three different aisles, including the salad dressing/condiment aisle.

Mr F likes to get a new pack of crayons each time we go to that store, and especially likes the red crayon from the pack, pulling it out and carrying it with him as we shop. So each time he got testy or naughty, I warned him that if he kept it up, he'd be grounded off his red crayon, and finally I had to pull the trigger on that threat: He was grounded off his crayon for a full aisle, all the way up to the register.

It doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is, because the alternative was me trying to push a giant overloaded grocery cart while carrying Mr Bunches and hanging on to Mr F, so my creative punishment worked to save me that.

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