Saturday, February 06, 2010

I'd be like that guy in "The Jerk," only not a jerk... it's brilliant.

Have you ever stumbled across something and thought to yourself, "I could go into business selling those and make millions?" I have.

I first had that thought when I was going to get rich selling glowing neon necklaces at Summerfest in Milwaukee -- buy them for $0.25 each and sell them for $1.00 each, and sit back and count the profits all the way to Richville (Richville is located in California, in case you were wondering.)

That didn't work, but you know what might? Selling sunglasses. See, where people don't want neon glow necklaces, they do want sunglasses. They need sunglasses, to avoid sun glare and squinting and ... sun.

And I can sell them those sunglasses -- buy buying wholesale sunglasses from this site I found, and then reselling them at a profit. It's genius. It's like the neon glow necklaces idea all over again, but good.

The wholesale sunglasses I found are a great deal, too: A dozen for as low as $17 or so, which means that I could buy tons of them and myself up as the Sunglass King of Wisconsin. (Or, you know, they could be used in your business, whatever that might be. But don't do it! Don't compete with me!)

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