Thursday, February 04, 2010

With so many TV shows featuring music, can a "Cop Rock" revival be far behind? (3 Good Things From 2/3/10)

I'm not going to do an intro to this one. I'm just not going to say anything before getting right to the 3 Good Things from yesterday...

1. The song "In The Moonlight" from Modern Family:
"Modern Family" is almost, but not quite, my favorite new TV show -- it hasn't replaced Better Off Ted, yet, but it stands a chance, especially if it keeps throwing in stuff like the song In The Moonlight, a song written by the band-member boyfriend of one of the teen girls on the show, and played for the Modern Family after he made a touching speech to win their hearts. He played the song sitting in their living room: But it turns out there's actually a video for it, too:

I love anything that combines uncomfortable moments with great music; it reminds me of my high school dances. (But I really liked the acoustic version on the show better.)

2. I won a pretty big case at work, in an unexpected way. I don't want to get all lawyer-y on this blog, so I won't discuss it in detail, but I'm 2-0 this week on a defense I invented.

Still, that wasn't as big or great as...

3. The Guts Ball:
A few weeks back, I picked up some super-discounted toys for the Babies! on a trip to Wal-Mart; these were the toys hidden way in the back of the toy department, the toys that hang on a wall, forgotten and ignored in favor of the Hannah Montana Play-Doh Hair Salon and the Zhu Zhu Guitar That Plays Itself. These were toys that were marked down to as low as twenty-five cents. I grabbed a bunch of them and gave them to Sweetie to use as treats for Mr F and Mr Bunches here and there when they behaved.

The other day, Sweetie gave them each one of those treats, little balls shaped like sharks. The trick to these toys, and probably the reason they were marked down to $0.25, is... well: I'll show you in pictures:

Here's the ball, as it appears when you pick it up:

But squeeze it, and:

There's miniature body parts in there! And blood!

Mr Bunches loves it:


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