Monday, February 08, 2010

Ukuleles, choirs, and some 80s synth pop: It's "Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs"

"You love the Ukulele," Sweetie told me the other day, and it's true. I do. I tend to be a fan of the more-unusual instruments, because the more-unusual instruments make the songs that they're being used to play quirkier and more unpredictable (or less predictable, however you want to say it.)

Sweetie was commenting on my finding the latest Ukulele Cover Version of a song I liked already. In this case, it was a cover version of a-ha's Take On Me, with Ukulele, done by a group called Shiny And The Spoon:

Shiny And The Spoon aren't the only people to ever cover Take On Me via Uke: Here's a version that predates them by almost 18 months:

That version doesn't have the sweetness that Shiny And The Spoon's does, but it is faster, and it has those all-important dramatic pauses. Too many musicians overlook the dramatic pause as a musical effect. That's what killed Bach, for example -- doctors theorize that if he'd used a dramatic pause a little more often, he'd have survived that bread factory explosion.

In between those two versions, mctrmt posted this version of Take On Me:

It is possible to cover the song without a ukulele. I wasn't sure, at first, why you'd want to do that, but A.C. Newman showed me it's possible and can be okay.

Sara Bareilles lent a stripped-down acoustic-y version:

As did "Anni B Sweet."

Then again, if you think the song sounds good stripped down and ukuleled, consider it as a choir version:

And while that's pretty good, this is by far the Most Awesome version of the Already Awesome Song:

(And I couldn't finish this up without putting in the literal version, so here that is:)

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