Monday, February 08, 2010

There may be easier ways to tell people about stuff, but there's no funnier way.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, you can think about other stuff, like actually going and doing what some of the ads on the Super Bowl told you to do. First up: Get that
vacation rental that Unitard recommended.

Have you seen Unitard? You watched the entire game plus pregame, right? If not, then check this out:

Like all superheroes, Unitard makes a good point. In this case, that vacation rental commercial drives home how STUPID it is to pay for a hotel room when you could get a whole house or a condo.

What's a hotel room, about 10x10, with a desk and a bed and an uncomfortable chair? Why pay for that when you could spread out through one of the whole luxury houses or condos they've got for renting on Vacation

Unitard -- who's my new hero -- doesn't just know how to get up and over a counter in style. He knows how to VACATION in style, and you should follow his lead. With Vacation, you'll get more space for less money, resulting in a better vacation.

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