Tuesday, February 09, 2010

They didn't listen. Twice. (3 Good Things From 2/8/10)

What can you say about a Monday that'll lead you to be happier on a Tuesday? Find out by reading my 3 Good Things from yesterday...

1. Super Bowl leftover lunch! For the Super Bowl, we had what I like to refer to as "Things That Only Need To Be Heated Up," things like chicken nuggets and pre-made taquitos and pizza rolls and, of course, potato chips. Even with my and The Boy's best efforts, we didn't eat all the stuff, allowing Sweetie to pack leftovers for my lunch yesterday. As we all know, the only thing better than a dinner of Things That Only Need To Be Heated Up is a lunch of Cold Things, etc.

2. I was right about the snow... yesterday. When I woke up yesterday morning, it had snowed, and ordinarily that meant I'd have to shovel the driveway first thing in the morning, instead of slowly waking up by checking my email and doing some writing. But when I went outside to get the paper, I carefully analyzed the snow and decided that it was "Just a dusting" and would likely melt later that day, sparing me from having to shovel. In deciding that, I ran the risk that it wouldn't melt and it would instead become ice by the end of the day, and The Boy wouldn't be around to shovel it because he had to work.

But I was right, and when I got home last night about 6 p.m., the snow had (mostly) melted off the driveway.

(Of course, I woke up this morning to find 3" of snow had fallen last night, with weathermen predicting another five today, so I was out there shoveling today instead of yesterday.)

3. Mr F and Mr Bunches got to jump on the bed. (Don't tell Sweetie!) While Sweetie was working out last night, I was left alone and in charge of the Babies! We opted, before learning time, to clean up my room a little, and by "clean up" I mean "Watch The Colbert Report rerun while I put away my laundry and Mr Bunches and Mr F jumped on the bed," something Sweetie doesn't let them do, and something that I, officially, do not let them do, either. For the record, I said: "You should not be jumping on the bed." Twice.

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