Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweetie's Good Things! (3 Good Things, From SWEETIE, from 2/9/10)

Sweetie had a rough day yesterday... as you'll see. So on our drive to get me some shoes last night, I suggested that she think up 3 Good Things and I'd post those today. Here's what she came up with, in reverse order of how she named them:

1. Mr Bunches said "Nice?" before petting our cat Scruffy Jean MacDougal: Scruffy -- shown at right -- has a love/hate relationship with the Babies!. On the one hand, they're about the only people who will sit and pet her for any length of time. On the other hand, they're also the only people who might decide, while petting her, to see if her ears are removable. So Sweetie works on the Babies! to make sure they understand that Scruffy is not to be mistreated; she mostly does that by telling them "Be nice!" whenever they go within fifty feet of Scruffy. Yesterday, Mr. Bunches went up to Scruffy and before petting her, asked "Nice?" and then proceeded to be nice.

2. QUOTE: "I didn't get arrested." Sweetie and Mr F got a visit from the cops yesterday after Mr F accidentally called 911 and hung up, resulting in Sweetie first getting a call back from the emergency center, and then a visit from the local police just to make sure that everything was okay.

Of course, we only have Sweetie's word that Mr F was the one who called 911; I told Sweetie that I suspected that she gets so lonely for grown-up company at times that she might have dialed 911, in what was literally a cry for help.

3. Brooklyn Decker made the cover of Sports Illustrated. I'm not kidding; Sweetie actually picked this as a good thing, and picked it first. Then she said something about licking Brooklyn Decker's stomach, and we almost drove off the road. I am either a very lucky man, or a man who one day will come home to find the house cleaned out and a note on the counter explaining that Sweetie's run off with the SI cover models...

...And left me trying to explain to 911 how Mr F called again.

Anyway, here's hoping those help Sweetie have a better, and less police-involved, day today. I'm going to finish up with one of her favorite pictures of all time, Mr Bunches when he was about 1 year old:

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Petri Dish said...

Ha, adult company WITH Brooke Decker.
Its better if Sweetie runs out with Brooke than a man in uniform. At least you'll feel a tad bit proud and envious and no one will feel sorry for you. Maybe they'll even invite over every now and then for some stomach licking.