Friday, February 12, 2010

Sigourney Weaver looks weird as a blue cat. (3 Good Things From 2/11/10)

I've had a kind of sore throat all week. It hasn't stopped me from talking, in the least, but it did make me google "sore throat" as a symptom, upon which I learned that a sore throat is a symptom of malaria. So I'm pretty sure I have malaria. Despite that, I at least have 3 Good Things from yesterday to help me recover:

1. An early Valentine's Day present from Sweetie: No, not that, you perverts. Sweetie took me to see Avatar, in 3-D. We went on a Thursday night specifically because we had some coupons for a half-price movie on Thursdays -- but once we got there, we found out that the coupon doesn't work for Avatar. So Sweetie paid full price for the movie -- part of why she's so great -- but she saved money anyway, as I opted to skip the popcorn due to my malaria-induced (probably) sore throat.

My quick review: The movie's great, the 3D's not as good as the 3D was for Final Destination 4: The Final Final Destination, and the glasses kind of hurt my nose. But the movie was great, really, and I kind of got goose bumps during Sam Worthington's big speech. (The only thing missing from the movie was a scene where the band plays bravely as the ship goes down. I still get misty-eyed about that. And the part where the old man and lady hugged each other while the water rose around them.)

2. I win, Mr. Trainer Guy At The Club Who Ignores Wedding Rings. Sweetie yesterday revealed to me that Wednesday night, while I sat home being a dutiful husband and doting father, she was getting hit on by a trainer at the health club - -a guy who'd offered, before, to "train her" for free, and who on Wednesday asked her out for drinks, despite knowing that she's married.

Well, Mr. Trainer Guy: She went home with me last night! Take that! You may have muscles, and the ability to put your pants on in the morning without breaking a sweat -- but I've got Sweetie.

3. I still had hot water for my shower. As a dutiful husband and doting father, I somehow missed, on Wednesday night, the fact that Mr F had gotten into the furnace room, thrown a brick into the cats' litter box, and turned off the hot water heater. In my defense, I was distracted from "actually supervising" Mr F because I was watching videos on Youtube with Mr Bunches.

Sweetie discovered the lack of hot water yesterday morning, and we restarted the hot water heater. Sweetie had to take a cold shower, but I put mine off long enough to get a nice steamy shower.


Petri Dish said...

Recommened Articles Related to Sore Throat (Pharyngitis):

Head and Neck Cancer
Oh and if that sore throat lasts for more than 2 weeks its either cancer or AIDS. Malaria doesn't sound so bad now does it? Shame men don't have periods to.
"Ahhh I'm hemorrhaging"

Mr F gets to throw bricks? Jealous! My only child memories of solo hopscotch, solitaire scrabble and an imaginary friend to read to seems even worse now. Mr F must be pumped from all that brick throwing. Maybe Mr Trainer Guy throws bricks too.

Ah how sweet, the power of love surpasses oily muscles! I bet you'll be getting multiple early V-day present's from Sweetie if you know what I mean.

Briane P said...

Mr F doesn't "get" to throw bricks. He carefully takes advantage of those times that I'm distracted... which is coincident with "the times I'm awake."

And I think it's more important that SWEETIE gets what you mean.

(Also, I haven't entirely ruled out head and neck cancer, but I once read of an illness that makes your brain swell and push out the back of your skull, so I'm considering whether that is happening, and pushing on my tonsil, causing the pain. I'm 99% sure that's the problem.)