Saturday, March 20, 2010

The front car is the best on a roller-coaster. Don't let anyone sucker you into believing otherwise.

Summer's coming -- even though it's snowing outside my window -- and that means your summer vacation is coming, too, and I've got the destination for you this year, the same one I'd like to go to: Morey's Pier.

Morey's Pier, in New Jersey, is home to some of the best and newest NJ Amusement Rides and has become a destination for families looking to have a great time. Shows, rides, games, food, the entire package is available at Morey's Pier, from roller coasters and slingshots to things for the kids.

I love a great amusement park, and Morey's is just that: a great amusement park where an entire family can spend more than just a day: You could spend days, weeks, even at Morey's and not run out of fun.

You know what you WON'T spend at Morey's? Money -- or much of it, because Morey's right now is offering a 35% DISCOUNT on tickets -- that's like getting 1 out of every 3 tickets free. Maybe. My math isn't very good, to be honest. But it's a 35% savings!

So get your tickets and get your plans, and then get behind me because I want to sit in the front car.

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