Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I was going to put in one from Friday, but I can't remember back that far. ([more than] 3 Good Things From The Last Couple Days.)

It's actually, like the title says, more than three good things. And I didn't even mention, as one of them, that I taught Mr Bunches to say "Bust it" like it's said at the beginning of Bust A Move.

1. Saturday: I got to watch three episodes of Lost in the afternoon, getting almost done with season 3. And Charlie [SPOILER ALERT IN CASE YOU'RE FURTHER BEHIND THAN I AM] hasn't died yet.

2. Sunday: Bubbles with Mr F and Mr Bunches. Mr F and Mr Bunches got reintroduced to bubbles -- you know, those cheap little plastic wand soap-and-water bubbles -- last week, and on Sunday, I spent an enjoyable 40 minutes just blowing bubbles for them while they popped them and jumped around. (I don't get the reaction to my bubbles that Sweetie does: When she blows bubbles, Mr Bunches says "Wow!")

And also, on Sunday, I got to take the first walk of the year with Mr F and Mr Bunches, as we took a late-evening walk to get some candy bars after dinner, holding hands and looking at cars and otherwise enjoying the first really nice night of 2010.

3. Monday: Ketchup-and-french fry potato chips. These are totally a real thing, and I bought them yesterday on my drive home from depositions in Milwaukee. I opted to not go to McDonald's for lunch/dinner -- I hadn't eaten lunch, but it was 6 p.m. -- and instead stopped at a gas station to get my usual road-trip Honey BBQ Fritos, but they didn't have those, and the bags of Cheesburger Doritos they did have felt skimpy -- I've noticed that Doritos are holding the line at 99 cents per snack bag, but have been reducing the number of chips you get for that price, so to them I say: "Doritos, just give in and sell us a full-size bag for more than $0.99." I got, instead, the Ketchup & French Fry chips that I'd never tried before, and I can report that they are exactly like eating a french fry with ketchup. Exactly. I'm not making that up and I'm not paid to say it: It's somehow the exact same experience as eating a ketchup-covered-fry, but with a crunch thrown in.

It's a beautiful world we live in.

And, it's 100 Down, 10,614 to go:
To celebrate the 100th song from my iPod, I picked a barnburner that I first heard over the weekend, and which was so great that I picked up Mr Bunches and danced with him to the song like we were in a mosh pit: It's There Goes My Love, by The Blue Van:

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