Sunday, March 14, 2010

Glasses glasses bobassess bananafana momasses... or something like that.

If you've never had to wear glasses, you probably don't appreciate just how necessary they are to those who DO need them. As a former glasses wearer myself, I understand that a pair of glasses isn't just a fashion accessory -- it's a necessity.

But society treats eyeglasses as something else, as some sort of accoutrement that people can opt out of. Glasses are sold in their own stores, like purses or socks or purses full of socks, and they're "designed" by people and otherwise treated like haute couture rather than medical need. And because of that, eyeglasses are expensive. Too expensive, if you ask me.

Zenni Optical thinks glasses are too expensive, too, and unlike me, they don't just talk about it, they DO something about it. That something, in this case, being "sell them for $8 or so per pair."

Zenni Optical sells glasses for as little as $8 per pair -- getting fashionable and well-made frames for that low price by designing them on their own, having them made overseas, and not having expensive mall-based stores or fancy advertising budgets. As a result, Zenni is able to sell you glasses (including progressive lens, tinted, sunglasses and more) that look great and cost about what you'll spend on lunch tomorrow. (Today being Sunday, I assume you'll eat at home, so lunch will be cheaper.)

It's not just me that thinks it's great that glasses can be bought at super-low prices. Check out the review in the Brooklyn Examiner (Find it at and you'll see that others are agreeing with me, too.

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