Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I hereby apologize to Sweetie. (Quote of the Day 42)

I didn't know whether to jump or duck.

Sweetie, in response to a joke I made a long time ago.

The joke was this: We were walking along, at night, outside the park where our wedding reception was held. There was a plane up overhead, a jet, and Sweetie looked up at it and said "Isn't that plane kind of low?"

I looked up and said "Yeah, it is. In fact, it's coming right at us!"

And Sweetie got scared and screamed and huddled at me and then got mad and said I wasn't funny and that she'd believed me. That's when she said the quote, which I've always thought was a funny one, and have always chuckled about, because who gets hit by an airplane, right?

Then I heard the news today.

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