Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does your kid even have an X-Box? I'm not sure anyone actually does, but if he owns one you'll need to move it.

I got out of moving The Boy to college -- but you may not be so lucky. If you're facing a move into a dorm or apartment for your going-away-kid, make sure you look into the moving bundles available at U-Pack.

The most important thing in a move is to do it right. Don't just pile stuff into a van and hope to haul it up the stairs. You'll make a million trips and your back will hurt and eventually you're going to drop something and your kid'll yell "That was my X-Box!" and you'll feel bad. Or not. But either way, that X-Box is a goner.

Instead, get a bundle of boxes from U-Pack -- buying in bundles saves money, although U-Pack'll sell an individual box, too. They've got a variety of sizes all the way up to wardrobe and they've got specialized boxes for dishes or storage files and things. Their website has a box calculator so you'll get the right amount and they deliver the boxes to you. And if you boxes and make a reservation for a U-Pack, you'll save 10% on the bundles.

(U-Packs are those cubical storage containers that have you just pack all the stuff in, then they come haul it for you to where you want it to be, and you unpack it-- so it makes it even easier. They'll give you a free quote for that, too.)

Then those boxes are just wheeled in and out on a handcart, everything's done fast, no back problems, the X-Box survives, and you're on your own in the empty nest. Remember, your wife's name is Emily. You may have forgotten that in the chaos of having a teenager around. But things are normal now!

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