Friday, July 30, 2010

"Watch" this. (I had to use quotes so you'd get that it's a pun.)

People give a lot of gifts reflexively -- there are certain things that we just seem to give when we don't know what else to give. Sweaters to relatives at Christmas, for example. Or flowers to someone who's sick. Or rubber Green Bay Packer floor mats to that guy from accounting who's retiring, even though he lives in Arkansas. Mysterious choice, that one.

I think there's a better gift to give when you want to do something nice and aren't sure what the person might like -- a watch. Everyone uses watches, and with the plethora of kinds of watches they have at Blue, it's a guarantee you'll find one to match the person you're gifting.

Take this dolce and gabbana watch: Wouldn't it be perfect for a young lady going off to college? You grandparents and other relatives, or close friends who have to go to grad parties or going away parties and don't know what to get could get something like that, and the person getting it would love it. It's like jewelry only without getting all personal, necessarily.

Not that watches can't have a personal say, too -- Sweetie got me a watch for my birthday one year, and I wear it all the time, so everytime I check to see how many more hours I have to pretend to work before going home to play "Bust It" with Mr Bunches, I think of Sweetie. And also the Buffalo Bills, since that's the logo on the watch. But mostly Sweetie.

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