Friday, July 30, 2010

Republicans: "Only Democratic spending increases the deficit." (Publicus Proventus.)

Under the headline "GOP blocks lending bill" in today's comically tiny Wisconsin State Journal, a rehashed AP article rehashes Republican falsehoods about why they're blocking Dems' efforts to provide loans to small businesses.

In the third paragraph, the AP dutifully quotes the Republicans as saying the lending bill was like the "unpopular bailout of the financial industry," while failing to recall that the bailout was wildly popular with Republican congresspeople who passed it, and the Republican president who signed it.

In the seventh paragraph, the AP, as apparently required by law, noted that Republicans claim that some initiatives are stalling "in part because of concerns they would add to the growing national debt."

In the last column of paragraphs, the AP noted that one problem with passing the bill is that Republicans wouldn't vote for a small business lending bill unless their amendments were added to it. The amendments they wanted to add to that small business lending bill? Measures to beef up border security and to lower the estate tax.

In other words, the Republicans objected to a spending bill because it didn't spend enough.

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