Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't take this for granite... get it? Should I have used quotes? "Granite?"

We made the decision this morning -- we're moving sooner rather than later, which means getting this old house into shape for selling so we can move to the new house.

No, I don't know why that makes sense, either. Why fix up the old place to make it more desirable if we're only going to sell our newly-great house to someone else? But that's how the economy works, I guess, so, um, you're welcome, Obama, and also I need some new granite sinks to put into our house because that's what's hot right now.

I'm no fixer-upper handyman, so when it comes to home improvement projects, I look for one thing: The exit! (That joke Copyright Henny Youngman 1953). Actually, I look for low prices and easy-to-do things that will make a big impact on the house while not requiring a major time or work commitment. New sinks are one such thing: Easy to put in, but they jazz up the whole room and catch your eye and make you forget that Mr Bunches drew a life-size "Daddy" scribble on the other kitchen wall. (That's the plan, anyway.)

The granite sinks, like I said, are the biggest thing around right now. People love granite, and why not? It's tough and easy to clean and looks great, and I can get new ones to put in from "Shop Sinks And Faucets," a website that makes it easy to order the sinks shipped to me and has helpful tips and information right there on the site. I can get a couple and upgrade the bathroom vanities in no time -- just before we get a realtor, too.

So if you tour our house and think of buying it, focus on the sinks, and not on the way Mr Bunches literally SAWED A HOLE in the roof. (I'm not sure how he did that, either. I blame The Boy.)

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